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Your Rewards

As part of Sayfa’s ongoing commitment to customer service, we have developed a loyalty program to reward our valued customers. The entire Sayfa product range is covered by Sayfa’s Your Rewards loyalty program. Reward Points are calculated monthly based on the value of your purchase(s) and redeemed online at your leisure.

Become A Member

Membership is free of charge and can be cancelled at anytime.

 About Membership

Every member receives a personalised login to Sayfa’s Your Rewards Online Store. Purchases made will accumulate Reward Points that can be used to claim item(s) of your choice - from quality appliances to perfume to Coles / Myer gift cards. Reward Points are calculated and accrued on a monthly basis.


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How It Works

Reward Points
  • Reward Points are accrued monthly over a 12 month period, beginning on September 1 and ending on August 31 of any given year.
  • The number of Reward Points accrued is based on the total dollar amount of your monthly purchases.
How To Claim
  • Reward Points can be used to claim item(s) of your choice at anytime prior to COB August 31 of any given year.
  • Reward Points can be spent on any product available at Sayfa’s Your Rewards Online Store.
  • Reward Points cannot be redeemed / or exchanged for cash.

Terms & Conditions

“In this day and age support is everything. We appreciate your loyalty and the fact that you are helping us in our mission.”