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ALTO Step Ladders & Bridges

KATT Modular Rung Ladders

PACE600 Walkway

SENTRY Guardrail


TRAVEL8 Static Line

Proprietary Anchors

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Largest property developer in Australia joins with Sayfa to maintain their on-going management and safety auditing

Goodman are a commercial and industrial property group that owns, develops and manages real estate including warehouses, large scale logistic facilities, business parks and offices on a global basis.

"Goodman regard the safety of their employees and contractors of utmost importance and, with a huge portfolio, work at height is a major focus area for safety."

Sayfa have a long association with Goodman, working closely with them for many years as their height safety consultants. We have assisted with the management of their significant property portfolio and through visual safety audits and recertification works have brought their buildings up to the highest level of safety.

Coordination of their documentation and on-going management of their assets is also one of our key areas of expertise and throughout Australia we are proud to stand behind the height safety systems that are installed on Goodman buildings.