ALTO Step Ladders & Bridges

KATT Modular Rung Ladders

ON-TRAK & PACE600 Walkways

RAPTOR Rigid Rails

TRAVEL8 Static Line Systems

SENTRY Guardrail

Proprietary Anchor Systems

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The biggest tram depot redevelopment in Melbourne's history was always going to be a massive project.

Steep skillion roof pitches created challenges for access and egress to machinery and plant. Within the workshop areas a system enabling attachment to fall arrest protection devices, whilst providing unrestricted functionality, also needed to be supplied. 

Challenge: to provide fall arrest protection while still allowing operators complete freedom of movement

KATT modular rung ladders, SENTRY Guardrails, PACE600 walkways, ALTO step ladders and TRAVEL8 static line systems all provided much needed access and mobility around the roof tops of the large scale facility. The workshop areas were fitted with RAPTOR rigid rail fall arrest systems which supply the operator with complete confidence and enable work to be conducted without any impediment whilst still being fully protected.