A little bit of magic

Painting at any time is a talent but painting at 23 storeys high ... that calls for something special!

Walldogs is one of only five companies in America who still continue the tradition of hand painting advertisements on the side of buildings.

Since 1990 the demand for hand painting has been mostly replaced by using vinyl computer printed billboards however there is still a fascination with this form of advertising and it is having somewhat of a renaissance of late.



The work is carried out on mobile platforms from sun up till sundown. It may take up to a week to ten days to paint and the work is conducted at varying heights. The process begins with the images being printed and a pattern made by way of pen with an electric current which etches holes into the paper. The design is then taken to site and rolled out onto the side of the wall and using a charcoal bag the image is transferred to the building to perfect scale. This is not just a colour by numbers exercise, it takes great skill to get the designs to be realistic looking.

Watch the process from beginning to end and you will be amazed as to the end result.