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Reduce The Risk and Buy Australian

With the world's current volatility it makes sense to source from local manufacturers.


Apart from just good old Aussie patriotism, there are many reasons to buy Australian made products.


Buying Australian has a huge impact on our economy.

It boosts employment, thereby stimulating consumer spending. Additionally, when people earn more they pay more taxes. This, in turn, means more government spending for schools, hospitals, sporting venues and infrastructure.

Australia also has some of the highest safety and quality standards in the world. Standards for products and produce are set in law and and must be followed, which is a not only peace of mind for the consumer, but gives clear guidelines for manufacturers to adhere to.

At SAYFA we are proud of the fact that over 90% of our products are now manufactured here in Australia.

Maintaining our focus on service, quality and supply is a key driver in our business and below are just some of the ways we ensure that we do this.

Improving the Supply Chain

supply chain image

Increases in every type of raw material from aluminum to steel, energy to chemical components, containers to transportation have all been instrumental in the fluctuation and rising cost of products across the globe. While we can't do much to influence this, we can control where we source our raw materials and try to maintain consistency and stability.

Back in 2019 we made a conscious decision to move as much procurement of raw material as possible in the direction of either locally sourced or to more stable overseas suppliers.

Whilst we will still be impacted by increases in raw material, our aim is to minimise the on-flow effect of these to our customers as best as we can. 

With this mindset at the forefront for every component we buy, we can ensure a more constant and reliable supply of product.

Our Quality Assurance Guarantee

Sayfa's Quality Assurance Guarantee

Our Quality Team takes pride in adopting a proactive approach to everything they do. Their motto: Prevention is always better than cure!

SAYFA is accredited to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. We have unique processes in place, such as our Pink Slip defect and error system, which is used to report, manage and eliminate internal quality concerns. Our dedicated team is constantly on the watch for any inconsistencies or part problems and takes immediate action.

  • Strict QA checks for all incoming goods, new products and items ranked as critical. Any non-conformance issues found are communicated directly to the supplier.
  • The Quality Team performs checks on all manufactured items at each stage of the production process. All goods must be signed off at the end of the line by trained QA operators with any defects reported to the Quality Team.
  • Constant updating of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is undertaken throughout all departments on the factory floor.
  • Random audits are conducted across departments to monitor adherence to SOPs.

Continuous improvement is not a destination, it's a journey!

For more information please view: SAYFA's QA Procedures

Immediate Response & Back Up Support

Contact the Sayfa Group team

Being able to address your concerns, whether it be the status of deliveries, technical enquiries, product issues or whatever you may need assistance with, immediate access to a supportive team is imperative.

Back up support doesn't stop once a product is sold, particularly when you are in the business of selling life saving equipment.

SAYFA is proud of our highly skilled installer network. Full training is given to them in the installation of our products and systems. Our online SAYFA Academy provides:

  • Access to our range of instructional installation videos
  • Detailed information on all current Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and industry guidelines
  • Practical solutions to real life scenarios.

To further ensure a compliant install, our products come with comprehensive manuals and for the system user, step by step operation manuals.

Most importantly, our locally based teams are on hand to provide immediate answers. Especially handy if you are stuck up a roof needing help with an tricky install!

Increased Warehouse Capacity / Improved Operation Efficiency

A pick up truck at Sayfa's warehouse facility

We are currently undertaking building works which will see an overall increase to our facility of 1600m2.

Relocating our Inwards and Outward Goods Departments and creating a large undercover canopy for loading will create a more effective flow into the warehouse. Our order preparation area will also be expanded meaning we will be able to fulfil orders in a more efficient manner.

To assist with delivery visibility, we have implemented our SAYFA 2SITE delivery tracker. Currently live in Victoria, we will be rolling this out over coming months to all other states. This provides a range of features such as instant location tracking, con-note details and confirmation of POD.

Our Dispatch Team wants all orders delivered on time in full, but there are things that will help to ensure that your delivery finds you and turns up as expected.

  • When placing your order ensure that the correct delivery contact and address details are listed in our system.
  • Are there any constraints when the products get to site that we need to know ie. difficult access, site restrictions, different drop off points?
  • When possible to minimise mistakes use your SAYFA Quick Order Form, located in your pricelist, to place your orders.

Higher Production Output

Sayfa's production of stairs

In these turbulent times, when supply of product has become even more challenging,  we are meeting the demand for stock head on.

Our Production Team has increased their output capacity substantially. We now operate two shifts per day, with our workshop open from 5.00am to 10.00pm weekdays.

Realising the need to increase our production even more, we have also implemented an additional shift on Saturdays to keep up with the pace.

NPD Development

Sayfa NPD Innovation

Continual improvement in an ever changing market is extremely important for every manufacturer. It enables us to keep ahead of the rest of the market. It ensures that if there is a better way to do something we can identify it and find solutions.

Our in-house Engineering & Technical Teams work side by side and are constantly looking for ways to improve our products or to come up with new and innovative ideas that solve your problems.

If there's a opening for something new let us know and we'll try our best to make it happen!

You also have the peace of mind knowing that all our products are manufactured to meet Australian Standards, critical when dealing with live saving systems.  At the end of the day you must be able to trust them with your life.

Sayfa Australian Made LogoAll in all, supporting an Australian owned manufacturer just makes sense.

Why would you consider anything else?