Amazing footage of repairs on Rio landmark

One of New Seven Wonders of The World



With all the buzz around Rio de Janeiro with the 2016 Olympics we should also recognise that it is host to one of the most amazing statues in the world.

Now proudly boasting it's status as one of the New Seven Wonders Of The Modern World, this monument has seen several restorations, the latest of which was commenced in January 2014 when the statue was damaged during a monumental lightning storm that swept throughout the state of Rio de Janeiro resulting in more than 40,000 lightning strikes.

The picture to the right captures incredible footage of lightning activity around the statue at the peak of the storm, while the video shows two workers climbing the structure and carrying out restoration works. We know that they have safety harnesses fitted but we can't help but feel it would still be more than a little scary up there. What's your thoughts?

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