Be safe. Be health. Because …

Since 2013 Safe Work Australia has launched National Safe Work Month throughout the month of October.


This year's theme is " Be safe. Be happy. Because ... "

What are your reasons to be safe and healthy at work? Why not drop us a line - the most interesting answers will be published on our website! 


The National Safe Work Month initiative seeks to encourage awareness for all workers regarding health and safety in the workplace and is an opportunity for everyone to review and consider if they are doing all they can to foster a safe and healthy work environment.


Featured during the month of October:

  • Virtual Seminar Series (VSS)- A series of live broadcasts, online Q & A sessions, case studies, research and ideas to support work health and safety activities for your organisation.
  • National Safe Work Month Workplace Participation Reward- This reward is awarded to the organisation who most embraces the essence of safety in the workplace and is judged on photos and stories submitted throughout October.
  • Online Information Kit- Available for download during the month of September, the kit will include posters, fact sheets, web banners and national safety statistics.
  • Smartphone App- This will allow easy access to information, events and will be available free to download on all mobile devices from mid-September.


During National Safe Work Month we will be taking a look at some of the articles, seminars and activities that Safe Work Australia will be presenting, many of which will feature prominent business leaders, academics and work health and safety experts who will be sharing a vast variety of experiences, ideas and new developments.

Here at Sayfa we will be doing our bit to promote this initiative. Stay tuned for interesting updates.