Be safe. Be healthy. Because YOU MATTER!

It's National Safe Work Month and Sayfa is getting involved.

What does National Safe Work Month mean to Sayfa?

Chamin and Donna



Be safe. Be healthy. Because YOU MATTER!
A big thank you to Chamin & Donna from the Sayfa team for submitting the winning slogan. We love this answer and feel it encompasses not only the sentiments of Sayfa as a company but also hits the mark on a very personal level.



Unsure about what National Safe Work Month is?

This initiative, run by Safe Work Australia, serves to highlight health and safety in the workplace. Apart from supplying many interesting handouts and information they will also be running regular virtual seminars which will focus weekly on different key areas in industry.

Why does Sayfa want to get involved?

"If we sell safety, we should practice safety." This statement by our MD, Anton, gave us food for thought.

Even though we are passionate about what we do, is there more we can do for ourselves, our work colleagues and our customers? We think there are always ways to improve and we're up to the challenge. It's time to walk the talk!

How are we going to participate?

We are planning a lot of new initiatives, as well as some other interesting ways to motivate, inform and educate the Sayfa team and our customers. There'll be plenty of updates coming your way soon, so stayed tuned!

Why don't you get behind National Safe Work Month too?

Have a look at your work practices. Wouldn't it feel great to know that something you did today made life easier, healthier or safer for someone you know?

What are your reasons to be safe and health at work? Drop us a line - the most interesting answers will be published on our website.