Can your business survive?

In an average year there are nearly 8,000 claims for serious injuries from falls from heights

Add to that these other startling figures:

  • Approximately 21 employees per day lodge a falls related claim
  • Typically these claims result in over six weeks off work
  • Falls from heights account for nearly 10% of workers who were hospitalised


These statistics are cold hard facts taken straight from Safe Work Australia's website. They are not fictional. We are merely highlighting the damaging effect that working at height injuries have on the Australian economy and its workforce. In this day and age of more work for fewer employees, can your workplace handle this amount of lost time and productivity? So, how do we stop this crippling effect on business and industry?

We have to work smarter and safer.

All employers need to take the time to look at what systems they have in place for their workers and to ensure that they are providing the safest workplace possible. Conduct a 3 minute Height Safety Risk Calculator now and assess your risk.


Quite often businesses operate under the false economy that as roof access is not an "everyday" occurrence, then it is not necessary or worthwhile spending money on it.


Others may be under the misconceived impression that as they only employ sub contractors to do work at height that they are not responsible. Both these assumptions are not only incorrect but can also have disastrous results for employers and workers alike. 

You, your workers and your business are worth looking after. Can you afford not to?