Erina Fair Shopping Centre - location, location, location

Being located two hours out of Sydney could have proved problematic when undertaking the Erina Fair Shopping Centre project (a Lend Lease property).

When work began on the largest shopping centre on the Central Coast, Sayfa knew that the lines of communication for this project would need to be clear, concise and constant. Continual liaison and several Sayfa site visits were required to ensure the project was running on time and to task. 

"Sayfa's fabrication solutions, including customised stairways and suspended platforms, offered huge time savings."

Products were to be delivered to various locations throughout the site, some requiring cranage. Specific packaging with clear instructions was necessary to ensure correct delivery to the various allocated drop off points. This was made possible with Sayfa's flat pack modular components and the excellent coordination of our sales and despatch departments.

Additional to this, was the fabrication of a substantial amount of stairways and platforms which were designed and manufactured at Sayfa to precise measurements passed on by our Accredited Installer.

The entire project was a true testament to team collaboration and communication from all those involved.