Taking a walk on the wild side - installing fall protection at the Tasmanian Hydro Plant

The project at the Tasmanian Hydro Plant was going to be a test for Sayfa's team and certainly an exercise in thinking outside the box. 

"You need a system installed where?"

The complexity of the design required constant liaison with client and installer.  Due to the remoteness of the site, delivery was an additional difficulty which added to the project's growing list of challenges. As the area is subject to snow and sleet, systems needed to be raised and a non-slip surface was required to ensure that all personnel were fully protected.

Not to be phased, our Accredited Installer met every challenge head on.  Modular PACE600 walkways, SENTRY guardrails and the utilisation of our newly released KOMBI stair and platform systems were chosen to enable compliant and easy to use access across this rugged terrain. The KOMBI stair and platform system came to the fore due to its ability to be adjusted on location with minimal precise on site measurement and custom fabrication required. This proved an extremely advantageous feature when installing in these undulating and remote areas. 

The whole project came together with significant cost and time savings that would have been unable to be achieved by the use of traditional welded systems.

Most importantly, the client can now provide the highest standard of protection to all workers.