Designing buildings is your specialty – but what about height safety equipment?

Test Your Knowledge As architects or building designers you are experts at creating functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing buildings and structures. That is what you do. But what do you know about access and fall protection system design? According to Work Health & Safety laws designers must ensure “that any structure being designed to be […]

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Failure to perform risk assessments and lack of instruction can be a lethal mix

Many of us, especially those within the height safety industry, can recall the tragic events on 5th November 2015 when a contractor conducting work at height at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre fell 17 metres to his death. Upon investigation it was revealed that the worker had removed himself from abseil ropes while […]

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The 10 Most Useful Apps for Architects & Designers

Applications to make designing easier Following on from our previous post, The 10 Most Useful Apps For People Working At Heights, we have now put together some time saving apps for architects and building designers.   1.  CONSTRUCTION MANAGER for iPhone, iPad and Android Ensure your site information such as maintenance logs, daily reports, project estimates and […]

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Can a drone really replace a person?

The hype is everywhere at the moment – drones will take over the world! Well, not really but there are thoughts that drones could heavily impact the height safety industry, more specifically the inspection of existing fall protection equipment.  While it is true that drones can offer building owners basic roof top inspections, it would […]

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Have a Sayfa Holiday Season

Take care with our 10 point safety checklist The build up to the holiday season is the busiest time of year for most businesses. Unfortunately, this brings with it higher risks caused by heavier workloads and tighter deadlines and can result in an increase in the chance of accidents and incidents. According to WorkSafe Victoria, […]

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Could this be our worst year ever?

Since 2003, when Safe Work Australia first began collecting statistics, the average number of fatalities resulting from falls at height has hovered around the 26-28 deaths per year. While this is still a totally unacceptable amount of lives lost, we have felt to a certain extent that things were relatively stable. However upon the release […]

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Behind these happy faces is a tragic story

Imagine making one careless decision that caused your life to change forever. Not to mention the impact on all those who care about and depend on you.      Russ Youngstrum and his wife face the consequences of his disregard for his own safety on a daily basis. His tragic story is compelling and it […]

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Ted’s Story – A wake up call for us all

Sometimes providing a high level of training, education and support is not enough. At the end of the day, the responsibility for your safety relies on one thing and one thing only – YOU.     Ted Newton was well and truly aware of how important safety at his workplace was. His employer, Unitywater, have […]

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