Workplace Manslaughter Fall From Height Fatality

Fall From Height Fatality Results in Prison Sentence For Company Director

BY ROB B. LOWE*   Read a brief summary of the event – CLICK HERE  Like many adverse workplace events there is a cocktail of absent processes and/or present processes that are not fully understood and/or followed as they were developed or written. There may always appear to be things that we’re not in control of – the […]

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height safety systems early design

Why You Should Incorporate A Height Safety System Sooner Rather Than Later

New expectations for safe working at heights are being enforced by the courts. We are all under the microscope. Architects, Builders, Designers and Building Owners/Managers are now being held equally responsible when an adverse incident occurs. A recent court ruling found: “Negligent in respect of its inspection and approval of products, systems and designs.” What […]

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SAYFA’s Most Innovative and Safest Anchor

Have you considered that fall arrest roof anchors are life saving devices? Have you considered that one day you may have to rely on them? 3SIXTY is a personal fall arrest device and we have evidence that these systems have saved lives. That’s real! And when you’re working at height you need to know that […]

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Fall Distance Clearance Calculator

How to calculate fall distance

Nobody likes to think that they are going to suffer a fall and the thought of a fall from height is even more frightening. This is why we use fall protection. Fall arrest systems such as anchor points, static lines and rigid rails, combined with fall arrest harnesses and lanyards, are all common types of […]

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Sayfa outlines new manslaughter laws

New Workplace Manslaughter Laws – Are You Protected?

On 26th November 2019 Victorian Parliament passed the Workplace Safety Legislation Amendment (Workplace Manslaughter and other matters) Bill 2019 introducing new workplace manslaughter laws. This new law is quite broad in its scope and has the potential to find employers, organisations and its senior officers responsible for workplace deaths.

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coronavirus and Sayfa

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Sayfa Updates

Updated: 12th August 2020 SAYFA have plans and processes in place to take action NOW to minimise the fallout from COVID-19. Anton’s COVID Message SAYFA COVID-19 Action Plan Product Supply Deliveries – In and Out System Designs Technical Questions Face To Face Meetings Training Isolation COVID-19 Useful Links We ask all customers to […]

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AS/NZS 5532 Australian Standard

AS/NZS 5532 Compliance

Since it was announced in 2017 that a review was underway of the Australian and New Zealand Standard, AS/NZS 5532, there has been significant confusion as to whether this Standard, relating to single point anchors, was relevant. On 18th September 2019, the Working At Height Association (WAHA) issued a Compliance Statement confirming that single point […]

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News present image 880x400

Have a Sayfa Holiday Season

The build up to the holiday season is the busiest time of year for most businesses. Unfortunately, this brings with it higher risks caused by heavier workloads and tighter deadlines and can result in an increase in the chance of accidents and incidents. According to WorkSafe Victoria, statistically the weeks leading up to the Christmas […]

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