BMW facade showing Raptor rigid rail by Sayfa Group

Providing safe access for facade maintenance

Facade maintenance is an ongoing and never ending requirement for companies wanting to uphold a high class corporate image. The task can be labour intensive, costly and involve the hire of expensive equipment to enable safe access for window cleaning or other maintenance tasks. Traffic management, footpath and road closures may also have to be […]

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Stop! Before you commence work at height you need to read this.

1.  Ensure all workplace WHS requirements are identified and understood. A risk assessment with a safe work method procedure must be completed and approved by management prior to work commencing. Read our article, “What is a SWMS” for more information. 2.  Authorisation to access any risk area must be obtained from the person in control […]

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Australian Standards, Industry Codes, Acts

Two important Australian Standard and Industry Code updates you need to know

  The is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with AS/NZS 5532 and AS/NZS 1891.4. Australian Standard AS/NZS 5532 The industry has been holding its breath in anticipation for a revision to this Standard, and the ensuing impact that it would have when and if any changes were made. Well, the wait is over and […]

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3Sixty Top Mount Anchor

Not all anchors are created equal

There are many anchors on the market, some good and some not so good, but how do you tell the difference and ensure that the ones you are choosing to install will result in compliant systems and most importantly be able to safely arrest a fall? The is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with […]

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10 safety hacks that might save a life

10 Working at height hacks that might save a life

1. The law and who’s responsible Taking ownership for your responsibilities is essential when it comes to ensuring that you are covered from all angles. Acts, Regulations, Codes and Standards all need to be complied with and no matter which end of the process you are; designer, builder, manager or user they must be followed […]

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News fallarrest image 880x400

Fall arrest, fall restraint & fall prevention

When ensuring correct system selection, it is vital to understand working at heights terminology. Below is a a simple explanation of these three different terms which are used extensively in the height safety industry.  It is very important to follow the hierarchy of risk control which can be defined as: Eliminate the risk by undertaking […]

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Think height safety design isn’t your responsibility – think again!

1.  Generic clauses may not cover you As builder designers you may think that your responsibility does not include the design of height safety systems. Inclusion of this generic clause in specifications, “Provide compliant roof safety system to Australian Standards” is common practice and many designers believe that this adequately removes their liability. However, would you be […]

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Workers using Raptor rigid rails

Safety in Design

According to Safe Work Australia, 188 work-related fatalities from 2006 to 2011 were caused by unsafe design. Quite a chilling statistic, but the good news is if more care can be taken at the design stage, the closer we may be towards a zero fatality rate which will ultimately benefit everyone. Before you draw that […]

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