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Skylight protectors can and do save lives

Skylights are often overlooked but they pose a significant threat and are an all too common cause of deadly falls from heights. This video is a real life case and a devastating example of how dangerous insufficiently protected skylights can be.   Joe was a worker with many years’ experience in the working at heights […]

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Western Australian mining company has to dig deep

Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum state mining engineer, Andrew Chaplyn stated “The work required risk assessment, working at heights permits, fall arrest equipment and supervision, but none of this was carried out by the company.” The magistrate did take into account the remedial actions taken by the company and an early guilty plea […]

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Painting the George Washington Bridge

The George Washington Bridge, comprises 14 lanes of traffic, has a width of over 36 metres (119 feet), a length of just under 1.5 kilometres (4,760 feet) and a tower height above water of 184 metres (604 feet).  From the period of January to May 2015 alone the bridge carried an astounding 45 million vehicles. […]

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Are you giving the client what he expects?

Hamish and Andy use a drone to check and see if the correct amount of anchors have been installed on Hamish’s Dad’s roof. A lesson for everyone, you can never be sure who’s out there watching!   Have you had the correct roof access and fall protection systems installed? Sayfa can conduct a safety audit […]

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Can your business survive?

Add to that these other startling figures: Approximately 21 employees per day lodge a falls related claim Typically these claims result in over six weeks off work Falls from heights account for nearly 10% of workers who were hospitalised   These statistics are cold hard facts taken straight from Safe Work Australia’s website. They are not fictional. We are merely […]

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Safety is NOT a priority – or is it?

We live in a world where all our activities are prioritised – family, work, when we rest, when we exercise, even when we eat. It’s no wonder that sometimes the very important priority of safety takes a back seat. Whether it be working at height procedures, correct and safe equipment use or just our day to […]

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What every Building Owner and Facility Manager needs to know about roof safety

For even the most vigilant Building Owner or Facility Manager keeping up to date with Standards, Regulations and Codes can be an onerous task. Take our 3 minute Height Safety Health Check and see if you are ensuring your workers are adequately protected. The Code of Practice for Managing the Risk of Falls at Workplaces states, […]

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So you think your job is hard?

We know there are times when you feel you’re up against it but spare a thought for these guys whose job it is to clean the world’s tallest building.   One BBC reporter gives us an insight into a day in the life of the window cleaners on the world’s tallest building. Here’s some interesting […]

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