3Sixty Top Mount Anchor

Not all anchors are created equal

There are many anchors on the market, some good and some not so good, but how do you tell the difference and ensure that the ones you are choosing to install will result in compliant systems and most importantly be able to safely arrest a fall? The is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with […]

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Image of 3Sixty Top Mount Anchor by Sayfa Group

Understanding anchor selection – and why it matters

Scenario One You are asked by your client to design a roof access and fall protection system. Roof anchors are chosen for their flexibility, cost benefits and ease of installation. The plans are drawn up and building works are completed, and the systems that you have specified are installed. Months later you are contacted by […]

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New Industry Code – Anchors, Lifelines & Rail Systems

Released in July 2018 by WAHA, the Working At Height Association, this code is a welcome addition to the height safety industry. Why has this code been written? As many of you will be aware, the height safety industry has been, for the most part, governed by self-certification. As an industry, there has been a […]

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Update to Australian Standard AS1657:2018

UPDATED 21.08.2018 Do your systems comply? With the changes to the AS1657:2018 is it time to check if your buildings, practices and systems are still up to standard? Contact the sales team on 1300 301 755 or to organise a height safety audit. Why not conduct our 3 minute HEIGHT SAFETY HEALTH CHECK and […]

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Don’t fall for the hidden dangers of skylights

The hidden danger of unprotected skylights has again been highlighted after a UK worker fell approximately 3.3 metres through a perspex skylight. The worker sustained a broken shoulder, head injury, a partially collapsed lung and three broken ribs, spending three days in hospital. Additionally, he was forced to be off work for 18 months and […]

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news suspension

What happens after your fall arrest equipment saves you?

You are carrying out work at height. You have put all of the safety controls in place and are using all the necessary equipment for the job. Even so, the unthinkable happens and you trip and fall off the edge. Immediately your fall arrest equipment takes effect and you are saved from a fall which […]

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When are ladders, steps, stairs & guardrails required?

UPDATED AUGUST 2018 When it comes to ensuring that your roof access and fall protection systems are compliant. Correct system design and selection is paramount in fulfilling your responsibility to ensure your workers are conducting their duties in a safe environment. Ladders, steps, stairs and guardrails are all covered by Australian Standard AS/NZS1657:2018 and these must be adhered to […]

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