Designing buildings is your specialty – but what about height safety equipment?

Test Your Knowledge As architects or building designers you are experts at creating functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing buildings and structures. That is what you do. But what do you know about access and fall protection system design? According to Work Health & Safety laws designers must ensure “that any structure being designed to be […]

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Update to Australian Standard AS1657:2018

Don’t panic! Australian Standard 1657:2018 (fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – design, construction and installation) has been updated but the reality is not much will affect Sayfa products or installation. The changes include clarification to certain words and phrases and updated drawings to align with the relevant clauses. While this review has addressed some […]

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When are ladders, steps, stairs & guardrails required?

Knowing which equipment to use and install when and where is imperative UPDATED AUGUST 2018 When it comes to ensuring that your roof access and fall protection systems are compliant. Correct system design and selection is paramount in fulfilling your responsibility to ensure your workers are conducting their duties in a safe environment. Test your knowledge   […]

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Revision to Code of Practice – Managing the risk of falls

What is the change and how does it affect me? A revision to Safe Work Australia’s “Managing the Risk of Falls at Workplaces – Code of Practice” has seen the maximum energy absorber extension measurement changed from 1.9M to 1.7M. Whilst not much of a difference, this still gives rise to discussion on the safe […]

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Adjustable End Stanchion – Product Update

New adjustable End Stanchion Kit – have you used it yet?     Murray runs through this product update to the TRAVEL8 End Stanchion Kit. The bracket, which now incorporates three holes, allows the adjustment of the bracket to a greater variety of angles. This enables much more flexibility when positioning the system. Once you […]

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Selecting fall arrest harness equipment

What you must know when selecting and using fall arrest equipment Whilst an effective preventative against injury from falls from height, a fall arrest system such as a safety harness does require a lot of factors to be taken into consideration. What is the length of the lanyard? Where is the location of the anchor point? Have […]

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Falls from trucks can be prevented

From 2003 to 2014 falls from trucks contributed to 26 deaths in Australia Seldom is there much emphasis in the industry regarding the amount of deaths and injuries that are attributed to falls from trucks. Did you know that half of the fatalities from falls from heights are under three metres? The above statistics may […]

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Skylight Protectors – When are they required?

This is a very commonly asked question and there are many different contributing factors that form the answer. You may think that because you have safety mesh installed under your skylights your workers are protected. However, consider the following: Safety wire mesh needs to comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 439 Safety Mesh. It needs […]

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