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3Sixty Top Mount Anchor

Not all anchors are created equal

There are many anchors on the market, some good and some not so good, but how do you tell the difference and ensure that the ones you are choosing to install will result in compliant systems and most importantly be able to safely arrest a fall? The is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with […]

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10 safety hacks that might save a life

10 Working at height hacks that might save a life

1. The law and who’s responsible Taking ownership for your responsibilities is essential when it comes to ensuring that you are covered from all angles. Acts, Regulations, Codes and Standards all need to be complied with and no matter which end of the process you are; designer, builder, manager or user they must be followed […]

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Aluminium water stain

How to prevent aluminium discolourisation

Although aluminium is an extremely resilient material, in certain circumstances when there has been exposure to moisture and the components have not been separated and allowed to dry, the product may become subject to unattractive staining. Although this discolourisation will not affect the strength or integrity of the product it can be aesthetically detrimental and […]

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Think height safety design isn’t your responsibility – think again!

1.  Generic clauses may not cover you As builder designers you may think that your responsibility does not include the design of height safety systems. Inclusion of this generic clause in specifications, “Provide compliant roof safety system to Australian Standards” is common practice and many designers believe that this adequately removes their liability. However, would you be […]

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Workers using Raptor rigid rails

Safety in Design

According to Safe Work Australia, 188 work-related fatalities from 2006 to 2011 were caused by unsafe design. Quite a chilling statistic, but the good news is if more care can be taken at the design stage, the closer we may be towards a zero fatality rate which will ultimately benefit everyone. Before you draw that […]

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News plummet2 image 880x400

Update – Company fined $300,000

Updated 25th February 2019 The Sydney company that failed to conduct proper inspections on the window cleaning platform (BMU) involved in this incident has been fined $300,000 by SafeWork NSW. The investigation found that the company had failed to carry out basic inspection and maintenance on the platform and the incident has left the workers […]

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Image of 3Sixty Top Mount Anchor by Sayfa Group

Understanding anchor selection – and why it matters

Scenario One You are asked by your client to design a roof access and fall protection system. Roof anchors are chosen for their flexibility, cost benefits and ease of installation. The plans are drawn up and building works are completed, and the systems that you have specified are installed. Months later you are contacted by […]

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Sayfa’s Top 7 Tips for Building Owners & Managers

According to Safe Work Australia, falls from height are the second highest cause of workplace fatalities. When you are the Building Owner or Manager (PCBU – Person in Charge of Building or Undertaking) it is your responsibility to ensure “as far as reasonably practicable, that persons are not exposed to health and safety risks arising […]

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