As Australian as meat pies, ugg boots and vegemite, many of SAYFA’s products can now also be classed as true blue!


A Proud Australian – That’s SAYFA

With over 90% of our products now manufactured in Australia, we proudly offer the highest quality, fit for purpose products.

There are many advantages in buying Australian:

  • Reduced risk and volatility
  • Improved supply chain
  • Quality assurance
  • Immediately response and back up support
  • Warehousing efficiency
  • Higher production output
  • Local NPD development

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As Australians we know that good things are 100 percent Australian made.

Vegemite toast.

And a meat pie for example.

And a good old-fashioned Aussie bbq. Oh and the Ugg boots too.

Lamingtons too, sorry New Zealand but these are Australian.

Tim-Tams as well, Ay! give it back! Just one more, just one more.

And don’t forget the vanilla slice.

And now you can add our products to the list.

Hey guys, did you know our KOMBI system is entirely Australian-Made?

Our brand new RAPTOR Davits 100 percent Australian-Made.

Our KATT Ladders too, they’re Aussie Made.

And did you know our RAPTOR Rails are too?

And what about our 3SIXTY Anchors, they’re Aussie Made.

And our TRAVEL 8 Energy Absorbers.

As well as our VISTA Ladders.

And our SENTRY Guardrail too. Yep

And our COBRA Anchors too.

Hey Mate chuck us a Tim-Tam!