AP100 XPLORA Concrete Fix Anchors

Download the XPLORA Concrete Fix Anchor OP MANUAL and INSTALL MANUAL.


The XPLORA Concrete Fix Anchor range is designed as a tethering point for personnel working at height using a harness and lanyard fall protection system. It is also suitable for carrying out façade maintenance on buildings using a rope access system.

Available in various configurations to suit different mounting options, the XPLORA Concrete Fix Anchors are made of high strength stainless steel and are batch coded for traceability purposes. The concrete insert allows 100mm penetration into the concrete structure to ensure a 15 – 22kN load rating where required.

The threaded eyebolt is designed to be removed to avoid trip hazards when installed in public locations or where controlled used is required.

The stainless steel cap protects the thread when the eyebolt is removed

The deformed shank gives increased load performance due to its irregular formation. It also allows for an easier flow of chemical epoxy if used as a glued-in anchor.

The anchor insert can also be used a cast-in ferrule for increased load ratings and performance

The quick and easy installation of the XPLORA Concrete Fix Anchors makes the range a popular choice for installers.

For designers, the low profile appearance blends neatly into the surrounds of the building as well as giving the peace of mind of guaranteed compliance to Australian Standards.

The XPLORA range of concrete fix anchors is a proprietary system which comes with all support documentation including technical spec sheets, op manual and install manual.

SAYFA is the original equipment manufacturer and we provide assistance to designers, installers and users of our products.

Join us in our mission to save lives by taking safety seriously.

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