Ensuring the correct positioning of anchors in relation to anchor strops is imperative.


AP115 Anchor Strop – Correct Positioning Of Anchors




Welcome to the next Tek Talk.

Today I’m going to be going over anchors and in particular when they’re installed with the anchor strop.

So, one of the things to realise is that the anchor strop must be positioned correctly especially so that it is not overhanging the gutter otherwise this will create too much of a fall distance.

So, we would recommend that you’ve got to be between 200mm and 600mm or within reach from the ladder itself, or the ladder bracket.

So, in order to get that distance correctly you may need to install your anchor in between two purlins. In this case, it is acceptable to do so as long as you use the rivets only fixing criteria. One of the key factors to realise is that when you install with rivets only, is to install over two roof sheets.

So, sometimes that will mean that you’ll install on the lap to make sure that the anchor is fastened to two roof sheets.

So, just to recap, make sure that the strop is within reach not overhanging the edge, and to get it to the correct position your anchor may be positioned between the purlins and in that case using the rivets only criteria for fixing.

Let’s hope this helps you with your next installation.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you next time.