We put our 3SIXTY Anchor to the ultimate test. Now you KNOW you can have total peace of mind!


Have you considered that fall arrest roof anchors are life saving devices? Have you considered that one day you may have to rely on them?

3SIXTY is a personal fall arrest device and we have evidence that these systems have saved lives. That’s real! And when you’re working at height you need to know that your equipment can be depended upon because nothing can replace a lost life. 3SIXTY, our engineered masterpiece, provides that peace of mind. READ MORE ….


Life is precious.

Family is precious.

Working at heights is a severe risk.

This is a 3SIXTY Anchor with smart engineering. It is a personal fall arrest device. No time or expense was spared in engineering the ultimate solution in personal fall arrest anchoring.

The 3SIXTY high precision fabrication designed and made to be one of the best fall arrest anchor systems in Australia and it’s Australian made.

It is a true engineering masterpiece and to show you why, we put it to the ultimate test.

1,560 kilograms of weight being supported by a single 3SIXTY anchor device. Not only does it allow your job to be done with ease, but it is designed to arrest your fall if the worst was to happen.

It too will give you total peace of mind. So that every worker gets home safely.

It’s what is precious to you and to SAYFA.