AP135A 3SIXTY Rapid Fall Arrest Anchor Product Video


The 3SIXTY Rapid Permanent Anchor is ideally suited to maintenance personnel working at heights utilising a harness and lanyard fall protection system.

The 15kN fall arrest rated anchor  incorporates a unique energy absorbing swivel eye lanyard attachment point, eliminating snap hook roll out and providing uniform load distribution to the anchor plate in a fall situation. The increased energy absorption properties and ability to be connected to 2 roof sheets allows fixture to lighter structures and roof decks. The 3SIXTY Rapid Anchor is designed to allow emergency rope access from the anchor for rescue in a fall situation.




The 3SIXTY Rapid Anchor carries the latest hallmark of world class innovation.

Designed for simple installation with eight high performance rivets into the roof deck, at only 800g per anchor, a carton of ten Rapids makes for safe and easy handling.

Designed to dissipate load over a greater area as it’s connected over two ribs, it’s advanced fall arrest rated performance is enhanced by it’s unique energy deforming matrix, allowing the plate to flex, thereby dissipating energy in a sudden load situation.

The 3SIXTY two rib installation criteria also prevents roof sheet delamination, which can occur when an anchor is fixed to one roof sheet with rivets only.

The pioneer of the rotating eyelet concept, the 3SIXTY Anchor ensures the highest user safety. Preventing snaphook roll-out when used with a full body harness and rope lanyard system.

The energy absorbing tabs on the eyelet, are again designed to reduce energy and impact to the user whilst also providing a visual indicator of abnormal loading, useful when undertaking routine inspection of the system.

Unique to the 3SIXTY is it’s ability to be used as the rescue anchor in a fall situation. With the live load anchor still in suspension, the anchor is designed to rig a secondary rope access rescue device and lower or raise the victim to safety.

This anchor comes with a powder coated finish ensuring no possibility of dissimilar metal issues between the anchor plate and the roof deck. The neutral low-impact oyster colour blends seamlessly into the roof deck landscape, reducing architectural impact.

The 3SIXTY Rapid.

A world class fall arrest anchor system, providing total peace of mind.

It’s engineered smart, installed with confidence.