AP141 XPLORA Top Mount Rope Access Anchor Product Video

The AP141 XPLORA Top Mount Rope Access Anchor is a proprietary engineered system.

  • Simple, quick installation with no on-site assembly required
  • Swivel eye for uniform load distribution
  • Low aesthetic profile – limiting visual impact
  • Varied roof deck fixing options

Discover the AP141 XPLORA Top Mount Anchor



Hello my name is Sue and today I’ll be presenting the AP141 Top Mount Abseil Anchor Point.

Manufactured and designed in Australia to Australian Standards, this anchor point is widely used for general roof and facade maintenance, as well as access and fall protection to plant and equipment.

Incorporating the 3SIXTY Swivel it allows the user to gain full access to the roof and prevents snaphook roll out.

The anchor point comes fully assembled with pre-drilled holes in the nitrile foam seals which greatly reduces the install time of the anchor point.

All of our anchor points also include a batch number which provides quick traceability if required.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the AP141.

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