GW320 SENTRY Toe Board Video


Hello and welcome.

Here’s just another update and a refresh on some of our products. And in particular today, I’m going to be going over the modular Toe Board Section (GW320)  that we’ve introduced. It’ll be incorporated on our platform systems. So a couple of features on this toe board.

We have made it a 120mm high and that will help with situations where the walkway comes next to it. So it still gives us the proper 100mm high Toe Board, even if the walkway is adjacent to the to the Toe Board. The connector bracket, so of course, we have the corner connector bracket and we have a joining connecting bracket like that, bearing in mind that we use the Cup Bolt the M8 Cup Bolt System (SD920). So that just slides in there and then the connection can be done by tightening up there on the bolts. And then you have your next section coming in as such.

So you can have it also going the other way around. We can also have it in that direction. We just turn it around and the Toe Board can then go in that direction as well.

With the mounting of the Toe Board, you will see these two grooves in the middle. We normally just use two of the tek screws, 20mm tek screws, through that and into your post. Finally, if you’re ever wanting to bolt this to a post or any other existing structure, you can always drill through and use the longer Cup Bolt System (SD921 / SD922) and then bolt it with that as well. We have also now got an endcap, so that just pushes into the side here and you can finish off the product, making it look nice and neat.

There you have it. That’s a modular Toe Board section.

Thank you.