GW340 SENTRY Walkway Cleat Installation Criteria Video





Hello and welcome to the Tek Talk for this week.

What we’re going to be going over is the walkway cleat (GW340). So, just to update you we’ve come out with a new extrusion for the walkway cleat, not that the installation will change but just to update you that there is a new extrusion coming out.

Now we’ll be showing you a short video on the requirements for installation of the walkway cleat. Thank you.

So 20 degrees is our maximum pitch for walkway. Anything after 20 degrees then requires Stairs and Steps and so on. Anything after 10 degrees we then require a cleated section on the walkway so something like this where it gets screwed to the to the walkway we will go over more details later.

So, anything after 10 degrees cleats are required on any type of any type of walkway system no matter what the slip rating is.

Now I’m going to be showing you about the walkway cleat. Walkway cleats are required whenever the walkway pitch is over 10 degrees but not more than 20 degrees. Now you must look at the instruction manual because it does, the spacing between the walkway cleats, does depend on the pitch of the roof and that is in relation to Australian Standards so make sure you look at the instruction manual on that.

So similar to the end bar and joiner bars, we basically just need to screw this walkway cleat into the webbing of the walkway. And in this case I’m going to take it just in this area here, not right at the end, just to give it a bit of extra strength. So, there we have it there, line it up. Ok, so there we have it. That’s the walkway cleat, and that is required whenever the walkway is over 10 degrees but not more than 20.

Thank you.