How To Correctly Fit A ZERO Harness


Correctly fitting a harness is as important as choosing the right one for the application. Watch this video for assistance on how to ensure you are wearing your harness correctly.

SAYFA carry a large range of harnesses, lanyards, helmets and accessories. Please note this video features the HR004 Deluxe Harness. For other harnesses CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ENTIRE RANGE.

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One of the good features about this harness is the way that you put it on, it’s very simple. First of all you can hold it with the ZERO name away from you. Hold it by the back D ring.  You’ll notice here’s the first shoulder strap name, you put that over your shoulder, get hold of the other shoulder strap and then you’ll get the quick connect snap attachment in the front. Simply just snaps together.

The next one we have is the leg attachment points. You simply pull it around and snap that into place and the other one there. (NOTE: Correct fit on legs straps should allow a hand to be placed between leg and strap.)

Alright, now with all harnesses we need to make sure that we do adjust the straps accordingly. We’ll firstly do this with the lower leg straps. So pull that. They must be firm so that it does fit snugly. If it’s too loose it can cause injury in the event of a fall.

Now we go to the top strap and your chest strap again must just be firm but remain comfortable.

(IMPORTANT: A karabiner must be placed through the front loops to create a rated front fall arrest point.)

It also has the padding, the breathable padding, under the shoulder pads here which again makes if very comfortable in hot weather as well.

Now we’re going to actually remove this harness and again you’re going to see how simple it is. It’s simply just removing the first clip at the top at the chest. Then we’ve got the leg straps. That’s one, two and three attachments. And that’s all it is.

A couple of other features on this harness also include a velcro cover over the label. This provides protection over the identification label to ensure that there’s no damage while working on the site and it does actually give provision for user name and a couple of other instructions and identification and inspection criteria.

The other feature we also have is a fall indicator which actually shows if there’s been excessive load or any fall exerted on the actual harness and you can visually check that before you put the harness on each time.

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