LD460 VISTA Fold Down Ladder Product Video



VISTA Fold Down Ladders are constructed from high grade aluminium and are manufactured right here in Australia.

Easily integrated with our range of SKYDORE Roof Access Hatches, VISTA Fold Down Ladders provide safe and easy access to ceiling spaces and roof areas to enable workers to perform maintenance duties.

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Hello my name is Sue and today I’ll be talking to you about the range of VISTA Fold Down Ladders.

Ideally suited to industrial and commercial use, VISTA Ladders provide a complete proprietary inside to outside safe access solution. From floor to ceiling, through ceiling space and onto the roof.

VISTA is installed quickly and easily on-site and it’s powder coated, low aesthetic appearance enables it to blend into it’s surrounds.

The soft closing mechanism and simple operation makes it extremely user friendly. The range of models can suit all ceiling types with heights of up to 4.3 metres. All of the VISTA Ladders are manufactured from high strength aluminium with prefinished laminate ladder doors.

SAYFA GROUP is the original equipment manufacturer and we offer assistance to designers, installers and users of our products.

Join us in our mission to save lives by taking safety seriously. If you have any queries please feel free to contact the sales team on 1300 301 755, [email protected] or visit our website sayfa.com.au.

Thanks for your time.

Download the VISTA Fold Down Ladder Brochure