OH500 RAPTOR Rope Access Davit Testimonial

RAPTOR Davit Arms are designed as a cantilevered anchorage device over balustrades, parapets and curtain walls for rope access work where workers are required to maintain building facades and equipment mounted on the external face of a structure.




My name is Benji Brundin and I’m the current Guinness World Record Holder as the fastest person to cross all 10 Australian deserts solo and unsupported on the motorbike.

One of the things that led to me be able to successfully complete that expedition was a great emphasis on safety and attention to detail, and those attributes have served me well in my own company as Director of Roofline Solutions and that’s why I install SAYFA products in all my jobs.

Today I’d like to talk to you about the SAYFA RAPTOR Davit System. It’s a new product range that is coming out this year in 2021. It’s a lightweight, very versatile davit that I’ve used in the past and a great piece of kit to have on-site.

A lot of older buildings that I’ve worked on in the past have older building maintenance units on them that require a lot of moving parts and mechanical upkeep and it’s quite expensive to maintain those.

One thing I love about the davit is its ease of construction and there is simply no moving parts, there are less thing that can go wrong with this piece of kit. It comes in a range of different sizes and this is one of the smaller davit units, but the heaviest component of any of the davit setups is less than 18 kilos. So, a small two-man team can set these up on-site and propel off the side of a building or structure with ease. A key component to the success of any expedition or project for that matter is to have a great emphasis on safety and redundancies in place if and when things go wrong.

One of the things I love about the davit system is that there are so many redundancies built-in to the engineering when it was designed in the factory. So, with that in mind you can propel safely off any building or structure and know that you’re in safe hands while you’re getting your work done.

When I’m hanging out of the davit arm I know I’m safe. I know I can concentrate on the job at hand and I know that my safety is taken care of and it’s one less thing to worry about and that is something that is imperative to the success of any successful expedition or project.

So, I would recommend the SAYFA Davit arm to anyone who wants to get their job done safely.