RL429M KATT2 Cantilever Bracket Updates Video




Hello and welcome to the next Tek Talk.

Today, I’m going to be going over the new fixing kit that we have for our RL429M Platform System.

So in particular, this is to do with the cantilever bracket system. We’ve made two changes. The first change is the kit, the mounting kit that we have to fix to purlins or concrete walls.

Obviously for the concrete wall assembly we’ve got the screw bolt, so you have two of these that can mount to the wall, but in particular with the purlin, we have this new kit now that has the 16mm block and cable tie. So with this, you can drill your 16mm hole through the purlin, fix it through the purlin, pull it back and then use the the bolt assembly that comes with.

The beauty of this new system is that you don’t need to get into the rear of the building or the structure. It can all be mounted from the front end as long as you can fix it to a steel structure or or purlin structure. So every cantilever will have two of these brackets included with the cantilever kit.

I’ll now show you a quick overview of how the cantilever system goes together.

Okay, so this is a basic model of what it would be like once it’s mounted to the purlin, obviously this block here we would have a purlin behind the cladding and you will see this bracket assembly. This is then retrofitted with the mounting kit to the purlin in the back of the cladding. Then here this bracket obviously will have one on the top purlin, and you’ll have another one further down on the next purlin down.

We then mount the KOMBI T-bolts, two on each side and then we have the cantilever section. So this is the next change that we’ve made. You’ll notice that we can now mount this cantilever portion at anywhere in relation to the brackets, no longer is the bracket in the way of the cantilever portion. Just bearing in mind, though, that this cantilever bracket must be supported within 300mm of this bracket of this top bracket. So no more than 300mm up or down from this bracket.

Once you’ve mounted or got your position, as I said, it can be mounted anywhere within 300mm of this first bracket at the top, up or down 300mm, and then you have the brace and that simply goes underneath with the two T-bolts on either side. And then down at your base.

So there you have it. That’s the new kit for RL429 Change In Direction Platform System. Thank you.