SD943 SPEKTRA Bulb Type Riveter Cleaning and Maintenance




Hello again. Murray again from SAYFA.

What I’m here to tell you about today is a couple of problems that we often have on the Gesipa Riveters and I’m going to show you one common issue that a lot of installers don’t do on these actual guns to ensure that the rivets continue riveting properly and stop jamming up inside.

So, you’ll notice here we’ve got the actual nose tip and with this application here I always encourage that this is actually always kept loose, in other words, just hand tight is all you need, because the main thing is you want to keep on checking this is now clean inside. So what we have here we’ve got one that has been jamming and quite often you’ll actually try and clean it out and you can see a lot of muck coming out there and just by looking at it inside you think that it’s actually clean. However, I want you to go one step further. Take yourself a screwdriver and actually scrape it out inside and you will notice how much more muck actually comes out.

The problem is the actual aluminium filings clog up behind the actual nose tip and this prevents this plunger from coming down and actually grabbing the stem of the actual rivet. So, it’s important this nose cone, the nose tip inside is kept very clean and you must scrape it out with a screwdriver to ensure that it’s not compacted down towards the bottom of the actual nose tip itself.

One of the things that I will point out on the actual rivets that we supply is that they are covered in a wax. This wax is what this build up is. It is very necessary that that wax is actually on the rivets. There are some without that and those rivets are an inferior type, just watch out for them and so just to be careful of that.  So, the wax is there for a reason and to do with the crimping and so on.

The other point I want to make is that there are different nose tips so if you have a look here at this one it’s got a little concave in the end and that is typical for the 8mm rivets so you must have that nose tip for the 8mm rivets.

So, again that just exchanges out the end and you can put on the different nose tip and the smaller one is then used for the smaller 5mm bulb type rivets. So, make sure you do put that on.

And again another good product to use for these rivets is the Inox lubricant. Please do not use WD40 or anything with a solvent in it because this will cause the machine to rust up inside. We suggest to use the Inox lubricant, the Inox is your better type lubricant for these guns.

So, give it a bit of a spray on the actual tip itself and inside and then put the thing back together. Quite often you need to pull the trigger. Then put the nose tip on and then just hand tighten  and then let it go.

And there you’ve given your machine a quick service.

We recommend you keep that up at least every 300 to 400 hundred rivets that is being pulled on this machine.

Thanks again for watching and look forward to the next update.