SL200 – Installing Static Line Using Rivets Only



Hello and welcome to today’s Tek Talk.

Today, we’re going to be going over our TRAVEL8 Static Line Systems and the possibility of using rivets only instead of fixing into purlins. So as we’ve always stressed, always try and fix into a purlin where possible, that gives you the redundancy for preventing any roof sheet delamination especially in a Clip-Fix type situation. However, we have this document here which we would like you to have a look through.

There’s two key criteria where the anchor can be fixed, but it must always be over a lap. So in a Clip-Fix type situation, because the clip lock is not fixed down, we must ensure that it is fixed over a lap to spread that load over two roof sheets. Secondly, having the right number of purlins under that roof sheet is also critical. And as you can see here, depending on your number of purlins, also depends on the number of additional fixings required.

To make it clear even fixing the end stanchions and corners into your purlins then the intermediates using the rivets only situation is also a possibility even if you are over a purlin. And so depending on your number of purlins underneath that will then determine whether you screw fix or not.

Any further questions? Please refer to our technical team and thank you for watching.