SL200 TRAVEL8 Static Line System Product Video



The TRAVEL8 Permanent Static Line is a proprietary fall arrest system suitable for multiple users. The system provides continuous attachment and effective fall protection across roof surfaces and other elevated areas to which safe access is required. The system incorporates low profile, high quality components which can be used in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications using the required system PILOT Traveller.

  • Advanced energy absorbing and multi user capability
  • Smooth intermediate pass through system using the PILOT Traveller
  • Various adaptable mounting facilities
  • Simple installation using modular components
  • Low profile system blends in with surroundings



Hello. My name is Sue. Today I’m here to talk to you about the TRAVEL8 Static Line System.

The TRAVEL8 Static Line System offers superior edge access and fall prevention, providing continuous operator attachment. This is achieved by connecting to the PILOT Traveller, which ensures fail-safe attachment by passing through the intermediate cable supports without the need to detach. This gives the use of freedom of movement whilst enabling safe access. A key feature of the Travel8 is the patented Energy Absorber, this provides advanced energy absorbing capabilities allowing connection of the system to larger gauge roof structures.

Architects specify the proprietary TRAVEL8 Static Line System because of its low profile appearance and its ability to be easily retrofitted. Height Safety Specialists, install TRAVEL8 because of its flexible configurations. This makes it simple to install in a variety of applications.

All components are batch code and quality checked, ensuring total peace of mind. Support documentation includes technical spec sheets, installation and operation manuals which provide the use with step by step guidance in its safe use and maintenance.

SAYFA GROUP is the original equipment manufacturer and we offer assistance to designers, installers and users of our products. Join us in our mission to save lives by taking safety seriously.

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