RL426 KATT Ladder Lockable Door – NOW AVAILABLE


Welcome to our next Tek Talk.

Today I’m going to be going over our new KATT Ladder Door (RL426) for the ladder systems, that’s the lockable door.

So, you’ll notice it’s a lot less bulky now, and will also fit onto our ladders a lot easier.

So you simply just hook it over the rung, the required rung and you’ll notice the clearance for vertical lines and so on is a lot better. To remove the door you simply grab it there, and lift it off.

When it comes to the locking mechanism, we have a simple bracket, a little bracket here that goes into the middle of the rung, and gets fixed with three tek screws underneath. That hole there aligns with the bracket, and you simply fix it off with a lock. And that will then lock off the ladder door.

Look forward to using this now as our new door, will make transport a lot easier, and a lot lighter to manage as well.

Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: RL426 KATT Ladder Door will be available in approximately 5-6 weeks. Please contact the Sales Team for more information.