RL400 KATT2 Rung Ladder System FAQs Video



Hello Everyone!

We are excited here at SAYFA to confirm the launch of the NEW KATT2 Fixed Ladder System being rolled out on the 10th October 2022.

It’s about time!

We know that time is money, so we have developed the KATT2 System to be 25% quicker to install than the current system. The new KATT2 System is engineered to make a huge difference for you and your install teams.

We already have received a lot of questions regarding the new system, so we thought we’d share some information with you.

Question 1 – What is the benefit of the KATT2 System?

All components attached to the ladder body are done via the T-Bolt system, which means there is no drilling required making it quick to assemble, while providing unlimited adjustability for easy positioning of components. No drilling also means no swarf. So it’s easy to clean up which means a very neat installation is achieved every time.

Question 2 – What is difference between the KATT2 System and the original KATT System?

The T-Bolt fixing is the primary change, compared with the original M8 bolt set used to install the original system.  Components attached to the ladder now all have slots for easy insertion of the T-Bolt.  We also have new telescopic aluminium sections for easy length adjustment of fixing brackets and parapet head guardrails, and as a result of a stronger ladder body design, the fixing brackets can be spaced up to 3.0m apart compared with 2.4m on the original ladder.

Question 3 – Are the KATT2 component codes the same as the original KATT system?

The component codes remain the same, however the ‘LD’ prefix has now changed to the ‘RL’ version. All KATT2 codes as of the 10th of October need to be RL codes when ordering or quoting.

Question 4 – If I have original KATT components, are these compatible with the KATT2 System?

Yes. Most old components can be used with the new KATT2 System, with the exception of The KATT2 ladder bodies and the splice join system. Drilling and through bolting using the M8 fastener will be required if using the original KATT ladder bodies.

Question 5 – If I require the original KATT components, are these still available?

As of October 10th, all original KATT System components such as ladder heads, bodies and splice joins will need to be manufactured to order and will require a 7 day lead time.  As most other components are interchangeable between the old and the new system apart from the fixings, these items will be in stock.

It’s important to clarify that any orders placed on Monday the 10th of October will be automatically switched to the KATT 2 System unless we have been requested otherwise.

We are also very much excited to announce that we will be running a promotion on the launch of the KATT 2 System where we will be giving away a free Milwaukee Impact Driver Kit to any customer that spends $10,000 or above on KATT 2 components by the 30th of November.

We can wait to hear your feedback and as always, our team will be ready for any questions that you may have.

Thank you for your time and happy installing!