AP150 XPLORA Mega Post Product Video


Welcome to one of the latest innovations from the SAYFA GROUP.

Today I’m showing you one of our newest innovations the XPLORA Mega Post.  The XPLORA Mega Post is a proprietary engineered fall arrest system that allows a range of anchorage devices to be installed on onto the post. The post can be used in areas where you require access above ground so if the base areas needs to be in a green roof area or in a garden bed situation. Then this can be mounted in and then the post will then protrude beyond the ground and then you can attach whatever onto the top of that. Other areas of course where the Mega Post can be used is areas where you may have very narrow ledges so you need to increase the height of your attachment point to reduce the fall distance situation.

So the Mega Post comes in four different options. We have the 400 then the 600 and 800 and the 1 metre. So what you see here is the 1 metre Mega Post. The beauty of the Mega Post System is that it’s manufactured in a high strength alloy so it’s aluminium, very easy to manhandle, very strong, extremely strong, robust. The other beauty of this is you’ve got a 18kN dynamic loading and static loading on this device. That’s an ultimate load but it can withstand up to an 18kN load. So what that means is we can use this now as a rope access situation for two users, having two anchors on it. It can also be used of course for rescue or anything like that and with the 18kN loading we can also attach the static line system, so our whole TRAVEL8 range of static lines can be attached to this Mega Post.

So with that we have an adaptor plate. The adaptor plate which gets mounted to the top here then takes our SL201 or SL223, the corner module and the end stanchions and the intermediates . The intermediates would just go straight onto this plate here. So the ability of attaching basically anything that requires fall arrest onto these posts. So having the 18kN dynamic loading and static loading criteria available on these posts makes it easy for basically any fall arrest system to be attached to these posts. With the attachment of this post to structural concrete there’s two ways of doing this. You can either use the chemset application where we have M16 chemset bolts into the concrete or we can have the cast-in situation. Obviously cast-in is always better because then we don’t require any pull testing and of course anything within garden beds will require the cast in application. So that requires a caged bolt system which gets cast into the concrete and then the Mega Post gets attached to that.

So having the anchor post rated with 18kN you can also then use it for attachment of any fall arrest rail systems. We can have our RAPTOR Rail System attached to the post through the base here for davit needles or anything like that or have the RAPTOR Rail mounted directly to the post so you can then have these posts at 3 metres intervals or 4 metre, whatever the requirement is for the application that you’re using it on.

So, there we have it. There’s a quick overview. We will be distributing a brochure and a full technical manual on this Mega Post with the installation details etc and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact our customer service team for more information and we’ll keep you in touch. Thanks again.