LD424M KATT Modular Ladder Cage Product Video



Regulations stipulate precise cage entry height dimensions requiring cages to be built site specific.

KATT LD424M Modular Ladder Cages  have slotted extrusions which allow easy assembly. Precise length adjustment can be ensured by trimming the profile strap extrusion to the correct length.

KATT LD424 Modular Ladder Cages are provided with all supporting documentation including technical spec sheets and installation manual.




The KATT Modular Cage has been designed to allow installers the flexibility of building the cage on site, once exact dimensions are known.

To ensure compliance with Australian Standards, ladder cages require a precise entry height of between 2.0 to 2.2 metres based on an accurate site measurement.

The modular cage is made up of the following components:

  • The cage straps, which form the structure of the cage
  • The cage hoop, which positions and secures the cage straps
  • The cage gate, which is required where ladders need to be secured against unauthorised entry
  • And the strap end cap, which prevents entry of water and insects

The key feature of the modular cage is the slotted profile of the strap, which allows the cage hoop to be positioned as required and also secures the dome bolt which connects the strap to the cage hoop.

The cage then connects to the ladder using an 8mm dome bolt through each cage hoop attachment point.

The KATT Modular Cage is a proprietary system and comes with all support documentation which includes brochure with technical spec sheets and installation manual.

For installers of KATT Ladder Systems the modular cage is a winner especially where final dimensions are not readily available and fabrication lead times could cause undue stress. The KATT Modular Cage is an off the shelf system, allowing you to order today and install tomorrow.

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