OH250 RAPTOR Rigid Rail Trolley Overview




Hello again. I’m Murray from SAYFA Systems.

Today I’m going to be showing you a little bit of our RAPTOR Trolleys and the differences between them all.

The first one I’m going to start of with is this one here which is our standard  trolley. This is used for most applications, fall arrest, abseil (rope access) and all the situations there.  All our trolleys are rated at 15kN minimum. The actual braking strain of all our trolleys is well over the 40kN mark and there’s a lot of safety factors added into the actual trolley systems which I’ll be going over a bit more later.

So the first trolley we have here is predominantly used in the overhead situations where we actually have the rail or the actual loads coming straight down off the trolley so used for overhead as we said. It can also be used for abseil (rope access) systems but in that case we then  in that everything use two trolleys for the abseil (rope access) situation. These trolleys can also be used in the horizontal application where the load is pulling straight out or 20 degrees in any direction from the actual rail system itself. OK, so that’s the first trolley. I’m sure we’re all familiar with that one. (Find out more about OH260 RAPTOR Trolleys).

The next one we going to have a look here is our dual trolley at which is the trolley we’ve designed now for abseils systems. So again this particular one is used predominantly for loads going straight down where the operator can have two attachments to this trolley at once. So you’ll notice there’s actually two attachment points, one for your safety rope and one for the actual working load rope. Again, this trolley can also be used in the horizontal application, so if your trolley is mounted horizontally such as on a concrete system or concrete roof deck. We do also have steel roof deck mounted systems then the load can also be used in the straight out application. (Find out more about OH261A RAPTOR Trolleys).

All our trolleys you’ll notice are designed so that they can actual run free in the horizontal situation situation.  OK, so that’s the dual mounting trolley. The advantage of this of course is you don’t need two of these trolleys for your abseil (rope access) systems, you only need one trolley per user for the dual mounting system.

Now the next trolley we’re gonna have a look at is this offset trolley. So the offset trolley is particularly made for areas where the actual RAPTOR Rail itself is mounted flush against a wall or against the roof of a building where the load or if your trolley was against the floor there’s not enough place for your karabiners and all that. So this offset trolley just gives you a little bit more clearance for your karabiners to attach to this and then actually be used again in the horizontal application. Also good for a roof mounted system when you’re going over a parapet wall and this can be used in in that situation too. (Find out more about OH261F RAPTOR Trolleys).

Now, as I said before, most loads are designed to be 20 degrees in any direction from the actual Rail System itself. Again, this one can be used if it’s flush mounted against the wall and then your karabiners and all that can be attached to the trolley, keeping them away from the actual wall and preventing any obstructions there. Alright, so that’s the offset trolley.

The other one we have now is the multi-directional trolley. The multi-directional trolley, which is this one here, is predominantly designed for use in two directions in the upper direction and lower direction. So, no matter if it’s mounted vertically against the parapet wall again. These loads are actually designed so that this rail can be used sorry that the trolley can be used up and over the parapet wall and down the other side. So it gives the ability to mount this on the inside of the parapet wall and then you can use your ropes up and over the parapet wall. The other advantage of this is when it’s used in the horizontal application the rope loads can be used in both directions so out and up in the direction of the the the actual Rail System. (Find out more about OH261M RAPTOR Trolleys).

Alright, so that gives you a brief overview of the actual RAPTOR Trolleys and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 301 755 and you can speak to myself or any of the actual sales team.