Height Safety – It’s Everyone’s Business



Providing a healthy and safe workplace is both a moral and a legal obligation. Safety is paramount when you have employees or contractors working at heights. Installing a system that improves safety for workers and contractors will minimise injury and loss of life. On average 26 workplace deaths and almost 8,000 injuries are recorded every year. Incidents such as these can be
prevented with the installation of compliant roof access and height safety systems suited to working at height requirements.

Safety measures are often reactionary; with audits, upgrades and installations of height safety systems being implemented only after an accident has occurred. Such negligence can result in costly fines, litigation, serious injuries or worse still, loss of life.

A proactive approach is crucial when dealing with safety systems. Tragic events can be avoided if fall protection systems are implemented and workers are trained in accordance to Australian industry standards and regulations.

This paper addresses the key considerations associated with fall protection systems and exemplifies the importance of compliant safety measures.