Fatalities from working at heights

Often preventable but always tragic, falls from height account for approximately 26 workplace deaths and over 8,000 injuries a year.

Why is this the second largest cause of death when there are so many ways for workers to be protected?


20 years ago the mining industry was considered to be the most dangerous industry to work in. That was until they set a zero target for fatalities. That industry has now gone from worst to the ‘most improved performing’ industry in regards to safety.

What about working at heights?

The reality is that many businesses could set a similar target with regard to safe working at heights. Maintaining and ensuring that the correct roof access and fall protection systems are in place is not an impossible task. However, the unfortunate fact is that it is often a forgotten area of safety. That is, until a fatality or serious accident occurs.

Correct roof access and fall protection system installation and adequate training of users could go a long way towards making a dramatic cut to the many deaths that are occurring as a result of falls from heights.

Manufacturers, designers, building owners, facility managers and ultimately the workers themselves are all accountable for ensuring that work conducted at heights is carried out safely, efficiently and adhering to all current regulations. Nothing can replace a life lost.

But where and how to start? Read this article from WorkSafe Victoria to find out more information about working at heights and what you need to do.

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