For a change … let’s be positive about safety

Virtually every company who is in the business of height safety has been guilty of it at some time - us included.

We are all so keen to try to get our point across on how important height safety is, that we quite often paint an extremely gruesome picture.

Whilst it is true that the effects of falls from heights can be nothing short of disastrous, it could also be argued that it might be a nice change to present a more positive point of view once in a while. But what are the positives? And can we afford to focus on them or will we lose sight of the bigger picture?

Is there room for a positive spin?

Changing our mind set

While we can never forget how important height safety is, perhaps we could try as an industry to cite more positive examples from time to time. It has been suggested that while our hearts are in the right place, constantly sending a message of doom and gloom can force people to act in the total opposite way, almost like a beligerent child. We, as height safety professionals, want to get our message across. We know the statistics, the causes, and the preventative measures that need to be put in place to ensure safety at height and we just want to spread the word. We also know that nobody expects to get hurt at work and certainly nobody ever sets out to flagrantly disregard their own safety. So, let's stop and think about things for a moment.What IS the best way to get our message across?

We encourage you to give us some feedback. SEND THROUGH ANY EXAMPLES of positive safety that you have witnessed or participated in. We would love to share these on our website and see if positive safety can work as effectively as negative safety. But what kinds of stories can be classed as positive?

Lessons learnt & shared

There are many companies out there who constantly look for ways to ensure safe and compliant workplaces. We would love to hear about businesses who have taken on board interesting practices and procedures. Where have these come from and what changes have these initiatives brought about to the workplace on both a physical and emotional level? 

Major events

Was there an incident or accident of huge proportions which led to a major overhaul of safety in the workplace? Sometimes realising and admitting there is a problem only comes about by a massive mistake or error in judgement. How was the cause of the incident (human, mechanical or environmental) addressed and how did the company implement new processes to ensure this did not occur again? What has been the affect on the atmosphere and morale in the workplace since these new practices were put into effect? 

Different approaches

What is your company doing differently that is achieving great results? Has there been a dramatic drop in incidents and accidents in the workplace that can be attributed to something that is creative and "out of the box"? How did this new idea come about and what makes it a stand out from the norm?

Let's investigate and see if there is a case for learning from the positives and not always from the negatives.