Who can inspect and recertify an anchor?

As per AS/NZS 1891.4 inspection and recertification of fall arrest items, such as anchors, should be carried out by persons trained as qualified Height Safety Equipment Inspectors.

Should your fall arrest equipment require inspection or recertification please contact the SAYFA team on 1300 301 755 or [email protected] to find a qualified Height Safety Equipment Inspector in your area who can assist.

SAYFA anchors require a 12 monthly inspection and recertification period as per AS/NZS 1891. The Code of Practice however in some states requires 6 monthly inspections.

To find out your local government regulatory body go to our Industry Information Page and see Government & Industry Websites.


Drilled in anchors or glued in anchors require proof load testing prior to use as per AS/NZ 1891.4:2009.