How do I know which SAYFA anchors to select for my particular application?

Incorrect, design, installation and use of roof anchor points is a common occurrence in the workplace. It causes quite a lot of confusion and can be the reason for many costly system replacements.


Because not all anchors are the same and their selection is not a one size fits all situation.

When it comes to choosing the right equipment it must be established what work is going to be performed. For example, do you require fall arrest anchors for cleaning gutters or are you carrying out window cleaning which is going to be done via rope access?

To simplify the selection of our anchors, please download our document, “Selecting the correct anchor”, which gives details of SAYFA’s range of anchors and their specific applications.

For more information on anchor selection, you might like to download our whitepaper, “Understanding anchor selection and why it matters and read our article.

Ensure that you always contact a Height Safety Specialist when installing anchor systems who are qualified to select the correct fall protection.