I have access and fall prevention systems in place on my building/s but how do I know if they are compliant?

If your fall protection systems have not been inspected or recertified in the last 12 months it is time to get them checked.

Due to changes in Standards and Regulations, what was once a compliant system may no longer meet all the requirements. Regular maintenance and inspection of your systems is recommended to ensure that anyone working at height on your buildings is protected.

A Height Safety Specialist can conduct a height safety audit and will provide a report on your existing systems. They can also give you information of what action you may need to take to ensure compliance.

Contact Sayfa on 1300 301 755 or [email protected] who can put you in touch with a Height Safety Specialist.

To start, why not complete our FREE Height Safety Health Check to see if your working at heights practices are sufficiently covering your workers?