What is the difference between fall arrest, fall prevention and fall restraint?

Often very confusing to those not within the industry, it can be difficult at first to understand the differences in these three terms. Briefly:

Fall Prevention

According to the HIERARCHY OF CONTROL, fall prevention is the highest form of fall protection. This removes the risk of the worker falling by providing a barrier between them and the fall hazard.

Fall Restraint

Fall restraint systems restrict the movement of the worker in reaching the fall edge. The lanyard is typically a fixed length that does not extend past the fall edge and it effectively acts like a leash preventing a fall arrest situation from occurring.

Fall Arrest

As its name suggests, fall arrest systems arrest the fall of a worker once it has occurred. They do not prevent the worker from falling and have the highest potential for injury. A rescue plan must be in place prior to any person using the fall arrest device.

For a more detailed description: https://sayfa.com.au/fall-arrest-fall-restraint-fall-prevention/