What is fall protection?

Fall protection and your requirements

Providing fall protection for any activity to be carried out at height is extremely important. Both at home and in the workplace, you must ensure that any risk of a fall from height is either eliminated or controlled.

In regards to the responsibilities of PCBUs (Person Conducting a Business or Enterprise) which includes building owners, managers and supervisors, you are required to ensure the safety of all persons engaging in work at height at your workplace. With the introduction of new MANSLAUGHTER LAWS there are massive penalties for persons who hold duties under Part 3 of the OHS Act if they are seen to be negligent in the provision of fall protection.

Designers and builders also have an obligation to ensure “that the plant, substance or structure is designed to be without risks to the health and safety of persons” (WHS Act 2011).

Fall protection can be categorised as follows and should be selected according to the HIERARCHY OF CONTROL for working at heights.

Removing the requirement to work at height is often not practicable (elimination). In this case we need to consider  fall prevention or fall restraint systems which reduce the chance of a fall or fall arrest systems which minimise the likely injury if a person was to fall.

Selecting and installing the best suited height safety systems is an extremely difficult job and should only be undertaken by a qualified Height Safety Specialist. It is imperative that any systems comply to all Standards and Regulations and are installed correctly.

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