How do you fit a harness correctly?

Please watch our instructional video where Murray shows how to correctly fit and adjust your fall arrest harness.

Step 1: Locate the rear dorsal fall arrest D ring. Ensure harness is hanging freely and webbing isn’t twisted. Visually check harness, fittings and labels.

Step 2: Place harness over shoulder.

Step 3: Bring harness over other shoulder and clip the chest quick connect buckle.

Step 4: Adjust the chest strap to fit.

Step 5: Identify the front fall arrest loops.

Step 6: Look for labels. Note that they are required to match to create the rated front fall arrest point.

Step 7: Place the karabiner through the front fall arrest loops and tighten the screw gate to create the rated front fall arrest point.

Step 8: Pull the leg strap up between the legs and connect with buckle.

Step 9: Repeat on other side.

Step 10: Tighten the leg straps to fit, tucking any excess webbing into shoulders.

Step 11: Correct fit on legs straps should allow a flat hand to be placed behind the leg strap.

Step 12: Correct chest fit should allow a fist to be placed behind the chest strap.

Step 13: Adjust the shoulder webbings so that when the front fall arrest point is lifted, it is level with the sternum.

Step 14: Back fall arrest D ring point should be correctly sitting between the shoulder blades.

Step 15: Check final fit. You should be able to squat comfortably without tension on the body.

Further pictures, instructions and maintenance details can be found in the ZERO Harness Gear Operation Manual.