How do I know if I have installed rivets correctly?

Many times rivets are not installed correctly and failure to perform this simple procedure properly can leave the integrity of the rivets severely compromised. In the worst case scenario this in turn can cause the anchor to be ineffective in the event of a fall.


Correct rivet into roof deck installation

  • The stem can be seen just above or just below the top (max 5mm below).
  • The rivet has ‘bulbed out’ correctly.
  • The rivet is sealed off correctly.
  • It is recommended that silicone is applied if the rivet is 3mm or more below.
  • If you are unsure, double check by looking at the seal under the rivet. If it is squashed and the rivet feels tight then it has bulbed out correctly.

Rivet installed into roof deck correctly


Incorrect rivet installation into roof deck

  • The stem is too far below the surface.
  • The rivet has NOT ‘bulbed out’ correctly and therefore has no strength.
  • The rivet is not sealed off adequately which could pose potential leak issues.

NOTE: The cause of this is often due to the ‘bulb’ not being able to expand out as it clashes with the side of the roof sheet. The rivet must go into the centre to avoid this happening.

Rivets installed into roof deck incorrectly

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