Is safety wire mesh under a skylight sufficient fall protection?

Many skylights have safety wire mesh installed but unfortunately this is no guarantee that should a worker fall on the skylight that the mesh is strong enough to stop them falling through.

Throughout the years there have been many instances of tragic deaths as a result of falls through inadequately protected skylights and roof lights. 

There are many factors to consider when assessing whether the mesh under your skylights is satisfactory as fall protection.

  • Safety mesh needs to comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4389 Safety Mesh, which specifies the minimum requirement for the design, construction, testing and installation of the product.
  • It needs to be structurally sound and show no signs of corrosion.
  • The method of installation must also comply. Is it securely connected, overlapped and joined in order to arrest a fall?

For reference we have prepared a whitepaper, “The Myths of Safety Mesh”¬†which gives more details of your requirements.

In addition, the Compliance Code, Prevention of Falls in General Construction should be referred to when determining the suitability and compliance of your safety mesh.

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