What QA procedures does SAYFA have in place?

The SAYFA Quality Team takes pride in ensuring that all SAYFA products meet or exceed the high standards we are known for, but how do we ensure this is done?

Inwards Goods

  • All goods coming into the warehouse from suppliers are QA checked by the Inward Goods Team who follow the specific inspection Standard Operating Practices (SOPs) for the part delivered. The SOP provides a sample size to check against the SOP checklist.
  • New products and items ranked as critical are inspected by the Quality Team.
  • Monthly hardness checks are performed by the Quality Team on structural aluminium extrusions.
  • Any non-conformance found on supplied items is communicated directly to the supplier.


  • Manufactured items are double checked for quality issues at each stage of the production process.
  • A final detailed inspection is performed by QA trained operators at end of the line which must be signed off as Q.C. complete.
  • Any defects found at any stage of the manufacturing process are reported to the Quality Team via our Pink Slip System electronically.
  • The Quality and Production Team Leaders review all Pink Slips, implement countermeasures, and discuss opportunities for improvement.

Other Quality Assurance Actions

  • The Quality Team is responsible for developing and updating SOPs throughout all departments on the factory floor.
  • Quality Alert documents are issued on specific parts if there has been a recent or potential issue with an item.
  • Regular random audits across all factory floor departments are conducted to monitor adherence to standardised operating procedures and other quality related requirements specific to the department.
  • The performance of SAYFA suppliers is closely monitored to ensure they continually meet our quality standards. This includes audits, on site visits and feedback.
  • Customer concerns are viewed by the Quality Team as opportunities to improve a process or product and this provides invaluable feedback for our continuous improvement goals.

What do you do if you find a QA problem?

Report your concerns to the Customer Service Team on 1300 301 755 or [email protected] who will then pass on your information to the Quality Team for investigation if required.

Providing as much detail as possible with photos and a description of the problem when reporting concerns will helps us with resolving the issue.

Continuous improvement is not a destination, it’s a journey!