SAYFA’s Walkway can span up to 700mm

This is an update to our walkway installation criteria

As we know, there are a few roof deck systems out now which have a 700mm cover.

Our PACE600 Aluminium Walkway System has always shown a maximum span of 670mm. However, what has not been made clear, is that for a continuous span (fixed to more than 3 battens) the span can be increased to 700mm.

So, when installing walkway on a roof deck with 700mm cover, the span can increase to 700mm.

walkway can now span up to 700mm

Find below links to some updated drawings (more to follow soon).

Should you require any further information, contact the SAYFA technical team at [email protected] or call us on 1300 301 755.

UPDATED: 03.12.2020