How should I store my packaged aluminium goods to prevent water staining / discolourisation?

Discolourisation of aluminium from contact with moisture

  • Do not leave goods packaged and stored outdoors. If goods need to be left outside for a time prior to install, we recommend goods are unpacked and separated on timber so no two pieces of aluminium are in contact allowing moisture staining.
  • In storage, do not place aluminium with other metals. Use wood faced shelving, racks and bins.
  • Store away from caustics, nitrates, phosphates and acids.
  • Use older stock first.
  • Upon receipt of deliveries, materials should also be inspected for signs of wetness to avoid the possibility of water staining. This should include looking for wet packaging or pallets.
  • Do not store aluminium near obvious water sources such as steam or water pipes, and keep it at a reasonable distance from open doors and windows.
  • If the metal is received cold, allow it to come gradually to room temperature, which may take several days, before opening or breaching the packaging. Even a small opening can allow atmospheric moisture to condense on the material.

For more information on water staining read our article, “How to prevent aluminium discolourisation”.